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What's new for 2022-2023

This year the PTO had to say goodbye to a few moms who have been a part of Wee Wuns since their little ones have been able to walk, along with older siblings who have been here in the past. We would really like for any of you who would like to be part of this wonderful group to join us in our meetings and see if you might be interested in helping out. It takes a village to make our fundraisers a success, so don't be afraid to jump in and give it a try!

2022-2023 PTO Events

PTO President - Janet Croy
Vice President - Ashley Buckner

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Fundraisers play a big part in our school by helping us to make improvements to our campus that our budget doesn’t always allow. Some of the ways we have used the funds have been, the wrought iron fence that encloses the playgrounds, solid surface turf on the toddler playground, playground equipment and a total renovation of the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms, which are in the Education Building. This is just a small sample of the ways parents have supported us over the years. We started the year off with 2 major fundraisers. The first will be selling products from Charleston Wrap. Later in the Fall we will have our 31st annual FALL FESTIVAL!   In the Spring we look forward to more fun fundraising opportunities.  





Parent/ Teacher Organization – Family members of our students meet regularly to hear speakers, take part in workshops, plan and help with the Wee Wuns Fall Festival and Staff Appreciation just to name a few and enjoy planned outings.  Our first Get-Acquainted meeting was held on September 6th.  Watch for more information and for opportunities to be announced. 


Hearts and Hands Volunteers – Assistance is needed in our classrooms, at special events, parties and projects.  All families will have an opportunity to be a part of our program as a volunteer.  Contact your child's teacher for information on volunteer options and tips for classroom involvement. 

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