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Reservations and Registration

Children are enrolled in the program through a reservation process, which begins in February of each year.  At that time, student reservation forms are sent to all students currently enrolled.  Reservation opportunities are then offered to the community.  Registration forms are mailed in the spring to all students on the reservation list. 




Tuition is calculated on the annual cost per student and divided into 8 equal payments.  Tuition for the month of May is prorated throughout the year, therefore a payment is not due for the month of May.


Credit is not given for absences, school holidays or school closures.  Tuition covers staff salaries, supplies and snacks, church building use, special activities, accident insurance, administration and maintenance costs.  Tuition payments can be made using the Playground App, check, cash or *credit card.  A receipt will be issued for cash and credit card payments.


*a 3% fee applies to all credit card payments

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